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Rosie Stave was born in San Francisco in 1945, the first of five children in her suburban family. She tells her story below about how she met Byron Katie in the nineties and returned to Australia, where she had previously emigrated with her husband in 1979.
Rosie now lives on the Far North Coast of New South Wales, running Byron Katie workshops locally, interstate and in New Zealand. She is a certified practitioner of The Work and brings a depth of wisdom and truth, honesty and compassion, love and laughter as she shares this gift.

Rosie's Story
"'The Work' has been a continual part of my life since 1995 when I first met Byron Katie in Sonoma, California. I found myself falling in love with her presence and what she calls The Work. At the time of our meeting I had been on a path of spiritual and personal development for nearly 20 years. The path had been a deep and frantic journey to find myself, to come home, to become whole.

"Not until I started inquiry did a radical and lasting shift begin. Prior to the work I still suffered from looking outside myself for love and approval, I was looking for my purpose, desperate for a relationship, and convinced that something was wrong with me- it’s hard for me to believe any of this now.

"I had recently left my home in Australia and returned to the US to assist my ‘sick’ son only to discover through The Work that I was the sick one. I was thinking I had come back to the US to ‘heal’ my son, but through The Work my clear discovery was that there was only one to heal- me! I found myself in a metaphysical fire and I went to as many Katie Work gatherings as I could attend, joined a little group that hung out to 'undo' themselves, and within 6 months of the initial meeting found myself in Barstow, California with Katie helping to set up "The Centre for The Work", where I remained for 2 years. The centre no longer exists in that form.

"I became the primary facilitator when Katie was away or unavailable. She would just turn to me and say, “give them the work- it’s your work”. I really loved doing The Work. There were times when I would spend 8 hours a day or more facilitating others and myself. Every work session either with myself or with another was my own undoing. It was a gift for which I am eternally grateful. I continue to give myself The Work and have offered individual sessions, workshops and retreats since 1996.

"The Work has given me a happy life with beautiful friends, a family that adores me as I them and a new appreciation of my beautiful children and grandchildren. It has healed my relationship with parents, siblings, children, ex-partners and most importantly with myself. What I experience now is an ease, a gentleness and a delight in life as it is, and an effortlessness with me as I am in all my humanness. On most days!

"I offer this tool for awakening and for self-realization, as it is my total joy and my passion and I would be honoured to meet you as my friend in this work. My joy is to share everything that I've received because it is in all of us and it is in giving that I receive."

Rosie Stave



“The simplicity and the depth of the process shed years of mind rattling, better than 15 years of therapy -- and this is a tool that you
are left with.”

"I am so glad I was part of the workshop on the weekend - having thought about it for 6 months! While I found Katie’s book really useful, the added dimensions of your facilitation and the group dynamic provided a lot more for me. I found release from what seemed to be ancient pain within me, as well as experiencing “joyful joy.” For someone who tends to overanalyse, the power of the works’ simplicity was amazing. Just though those simple questions I had breakthroughs throughout the weekend in some areas of my life I have been working on for years. So thank you for your loving & expert facilitation, making the opportunity available & opening up your home and heart."


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