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Carnarvon Gorge 2007

Arzu, guide and cook

Ian, True Nature Guide

Rainforest Rosie

Doing the work

In the Gorge

Inquiry circle

Going In

On the way to Wards Canyon


Ian, our nature guide, explains aboriginal rock carving symbolism

Sometimes getting over a log requires help

Stillness in the gorge

An echidna with no fear, or no sight

Rock Art

Inspired by rock art

The Group

An "unsighted" discovery walk to Boolimba Bluff

Waiting to be taken to the view

Having walked to the top "unsighted", about to look out from the top of Boolimba Bluff

Taking in the vista

View from Boolimba Bluff

Ditto for Rosie

Rosie and Susie at Boolimba Bluff

Palm Trees

Rocks in the creek at Wards Canyon

Fun in the talcum powder cave

Ian's love of trees


Strong, physically fit people

Our good guides

Inside Mickey Creek Gorge

Looking up again

the barky tree





Rocks and tree


On the way home and within range









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