The Ways I offer The Work

1.  Individual Sessions
 These sessions support you in dealing with aspects of your life that are causing you difficulty and to help you to find clarity and new ways to deal with life as it is rather than wishing for it to be different. You can work on issues of health, relationships- from your childhood, about money - anything that is giving you stress. During these sessions my facilitation can assist you to deepen your inquiry and assist you to discover your own realizations and truth and thereby live the life that is true for you. Also I can coach you in ways to deepen in your self facilitation, to help you notice patterns of resistance, avoidance or distraction that would keep you from true inquiry and therefore remain entrenched in your beliefs. The focus here is to enlighten you so that I become obsolete and your continuing unravelling is not dependent on another.

One to one sessions can be facilitated in person or over the phone. They can be scheduled as a one off, where we cut through the issue and find the truth; or they can be set up in a series of sessions to give you a kick-start into The Work. My participation as your facilitator can radically enhance and expedite the results of this highly effective transformative process of positive change.

-Free Initial 20 minute phone consultation-

2. Couples Work
 The Work is a profound method of conflict resolution, in fact I know of no other so potent and freeing as this. With couples work I facilitate you and your partner (I’ve worked with people in primary relationships as well as with business partners and friends) though the inquiry and the turn a round, and also guide you both to recognize your resistance, to uncover the beliefs that hold that resistance in place, and to find ways to listen and hear both yourself and the other. The support is to assist you to find ‘your’ truth independent of the ‘other’; to see what’s true for you; and beneath that to realize the love that you are. The opportunity here is for couples to walk away with deep respect for self and other. All this takes is a desire for truth and freedom and a ‘willingness’ to let go of being right. (Willingness doesn’t mean ‘have to’… it means ‘willing’.
You may still notice a tendency to want to be right or even a clear hanging on to wanting to be right - and are you willing to let go? This is the question.)

These sessions are offered in person and can be scheduled as a one-off or in a series of 2 or more.

3. Workshops
 I offer one to three day workshops in the work. Some are general “Loving What Is”, while others will focus on specific topics or issues. There are no ‘levels’ of workshops or 'The Work level one', level two etc… as it appears that whether you are new or experienced in inquiry each workshop can provide a deepening in your understanding of your thinking patterns, and a possibility for the continued lightening of the ‘story’ of me and who I think I am. These workshops are experiential and provide practical exercises that facilitate really learning The Work.

If you check my workshops schedule you can see where I am booked to offer a workshop. If you would like a workshop or introductory session in your immediate area or place of work please contact me.

4. Intensives/Retreats
The two retreat formats are "Return to Innocence" a 5 day residential retreat, and "Living Love", an 8 day live-in intensive. These are designed to allow you to remove yourself fully from your daily routine and give yourself an opportunity to set in motion a pattern for your continuing undoing and embracing of The Work in your ‘normal’ life. These retreats are intimate and deep. No two are alike and yet, they are all the same (it’s all the mind). The number of participants is limited.

We come together in community to live together and support each other in this work. It’s a full on immersion from morning til night. There is opportunity for one-to-one work with myself as facilitator in the presence of the others and also for dyads, triads and foursomes where you gain experience as both facilitator and client. The program is fluid and moves with the participants and whatever is arising in the moment. Exercises are chosen in response to the group and cover all areas of the human experience. The potency of coming together to discover truth, and the witnessing that occurs, takes us to places within ourselves that have often been abandoned for years… and with the beauty of the inquiry we can ‘heal’ the misunderstanding that we called the ‘wound’ and discover our true innocence.

Whatever way you would come to allow me to serve you is my joy… just contact me and we can see what is possible.

To contact Rosie and book a session or inquire further about The Work

“I really appreciated Rosie’s honesty. I am trained as a psychotherapist myself and have never seen the level of honesty that Rosie brings to her groups. The heart that Rosie shows makes it abundantly clear that this is not just mind-work. Rosie sets the tone and depth, honesty, hearted vulnerability so that participants can really dive in and clear their own obstacles – so that they can just love – what a gift.”
Monica, MA Psychologist, Bolder Colorado

“Rosie, you are a most skilful facilitator. You guide with love, care, wisdom and grace. Thank you; deeply.”
Kate McCoomb

"Thank-you!! And a thank-you to me for listening to my heart and coming. You, like Maria, are shamans to me. Not to teach nor instruct, rather to be my spiritual guide along the journey I am taking. I am truly grateful for whatever has brought me here so far. I can now say, without qualification, that my home is within."
Sean (after 5 day retreat)

“I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for one of the most profound times of my life, the way you guided me into the core of pain was nothing short of miraculous. To be able to sit in that surrounded by so much sensitivity and love was absolutely amazing, you have a true gift, and I love you”
Samadhi, Byron Bay, Australia

“Lots of people facilitate the work but Rosie embodies it. She is able to take the work to a depth that I’ve only seen Byron Katie do.”
Patrick Lynch, Social Worker

“Wonderful warm supportive group. Non judgemental space in which to expose your thinking and regain yourself. Breaking through the thoughts to see that they are the only separation from what is and who I am at the core.”
Sonya, participant in weekend workshop


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