What is The Work of Byron Katie?

The Work is a simple, practical and transformational process whereby we question any stressful belief we would hold and, as a result, begin to recognize new ways and possibilities for being in the world.

For ages we’ve believed our thoughts such as "my father should love me", "I will be happy when …", "people should understand me", "I’m not good enough", and never truly understood the effects of holding such thoughts.

Sadness, despair, stress and a constant war with life, others, the world and ourselves can become our ongoing experience. (Just take a look at the world – or perhaps your life)

We go outside ourselves looking to get what we think we want (more money, a better house, a better relationship) or trying to fix or change what we think we don’t want (lose weight, get better education, a healthier body, better children, better parents etc). Somehow in all this activity we do not notice the true effects of this seeking, fixing, or trying to change. We try to find happiness, completion, and wholeness outside ourselves and somewhere in the future in a better me, a better relationship, a better life. And through all of this we remain apart from this ever-present moment and from ourselves. It never ever works or satisfies.

The Work allows us to discover for ourselves what truly happens. Through this deep questioning an understanding is born, and through this understanding the mind begins to let go, and stops believing itself. Freedom, peace and the awareness of our true nature reveals itself and clarity and kind action take form. What was once a stressful life becomes peaceful, and clear and lives its integrity.

What sets The Work apart from any other methods that have been around for centuries is the way it cuts through the stories of the mind and reveals the truth. Its not about changing the mind but, in the process of understanding, the mind lets go. Revelations and insights that used to take lifetimes to be seen can be discovered consistantly and on purpose through this inquiry. Its simplicity makes it a tool available to all.

The Work is not about a philosophy nor is it a religion.
It is merely four questions and a turn around that can be applied to any situation on any level of life- physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
One discovers after this inquiry that life doesn't have to be the same, in fact you can't go back. We are left to discover and live our own sweet life in it's unique and beautiful way.

People new to The Work often imagine that giving up their war with reality leads to a boring and passive existence. Katie responds, "Can you absolutely know that's true? My experience is just the opposite-being a lover of reality is exciting beyond imagination, and leaves me free to make real change."

When we lose the blinders of limiting beliefs, we can see options and opportunities that were previously unavailable.

In the beginning you may find that questioning your lifelong beliefs is tricky and difficult but it gets easier with practice. Audio CD’s of Katie doing the work, inquiry circles in your local area, 1-1 work with a trained facilitator such as myself, and workshops and retreats that I offer are all ways that can support you to make the transition into ease with the inquiry. You are learning a new way of being with yourself.

“Doing The Work with Rosie has transformed my whole life. It started with doing a piece on my Mom back in 2001, which began to heal my relationship with her, so much so that when I sat with her while she was dying there was such love and peace in my heart (after spending most of my life feeling intense rage and hatred and blame towards her). That was from a weekend workshop – the intensives can be so much more. Each intensive my life changes so dramatically afterwards, in that there is an increased love, peace and relaxation in different areas of my life. The outer circumstances do not always change (through they often do), however inside there is less resistance (and thus more peace and joy) about whatever is going on.I think that the intensives are so valuable that I have gone to five in a row. I have watched myself change from a highly stressed, rigid, frightened, physically ill, depressed and worried person to a person who sometimes still feels this way, but not for often and not for long. And who doesn’t even mind much when I do! I recommend the intensives highly. In fact, I want to continue doing as many as I can, because each one for me is a treasure. Rosie is incredibly competent and gifted in doing the Work, plus she brings love and acceptance to whatever is going on with people. Her heart is so huge, and I have always felt safe with her. If someone asked me what would be the most precious gift I could think of, to give to someone (or myself), it would be to do the Work with Rosie.”
Deb, participant in five day residentials and an eight day residential intensive

Do you want to know the truth?

Would you like to experience and live the freedom, clarity and peace of your true nature?

Welcome to The Work of Byron Katie!!

The inquiry is really a form of meditation



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