Have you ever thought...
that life, yourself, your friends, your partner, your children, your parents, your work, or the world should be different?
Have you ever felt...
not good enough, too big, too small, not smart enough, not brave enough, not successful enough, a failure?
Have you ever had any thoughts like...
I need more money, my partner doesn’t appreciate me, I’m too fat, I can’t get it right, I shouldn’t have done that, people are inconsiderate, politicians are crooks, no one loves me?
How different would your life be if you could no longer believe these thoughts and feelings?

“ The Work is merely four questions; it’s not even a thing. It has no motive, no strings. It’s nothing without your answers. These four questions will join any program you’ve got and enhance it. Any religion you have – they’ll enhance it. If you have no religion, they will bring you joy. And they’ll burn up anything that isn’t true for you. They’ll burn through to the reality that has always been waiting.”
Byron Katie

“Byron Katie’s Work is a great blessing for our planet. The root cause of suffering is identification with our thoughts, the “stories” that are continuously running through our minds. Byron Katie’s Work acts like a razor-sharp sword that cuts through that illusion and enables you to know for yourself the timeless essence of your being. Joy, peace and love emanate from it as your natural state.”
Eckhart Tolle , author of The Power of Now


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Would you like to

  • Improve your relationships, both personal and professional and most importantly with yourself?

  • Become compassionate and forgiving with yourself and others?

  • Respond rather than react to situations?

  • Discover and transform unconscious behaviour patterns?

  • Experience your peaceful nature?

    How, You Ask???

    It’s The Work of Byron Katie…!

    The Work is, in my experience, one of the most direct and simple ways that exist on the planet today to end suffering and to come to peace.

    This is not just my experience but also the experience of thousands now who have made this Work a part of their living… and consequently a part of their deepening discovery of freedom, peace and inner connectedness.

    Rosie Stave, Byron Katie Facilitator



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